Let's never stop exploring, being present, and enjoying that golden hour light in our favorite room of the house.


Let's say I do

Your wedding photographs should celebrate your love, the people you love and the wonderful time you all had together. 

Let's get together

Kids should be photographed where they feel at home, whether they are playing in a favorite tree or in their house with a favorite toy. There are so many special moments to hold onto, so let's document their personality and who they really are at this moment. 

let's travel the world

The world was given to us to take care of and to explore. To be good stewards, to appreciate the beauty and to learn about other cultures, these are all things I try to do during my travels. 

Across the globe or in your backyard, I will probably get misty eyed, and we will dance all night long

At your favorite park, in your backyard, or any where we can find the most perfect light

Let's travel with friends, photograph bands, and explore new coasts. Whatever it may be I am always up for an adventure.