Tiernae. Raised by Salleys, tamed by whales. Living in the heartland with a passion and a wanderlust to see and experience the world around her. A gal who's often found donning denim, a longboard under her feet and a camera by her side. Capturing the simplicity, the grit and the emotions that come with the moments of everyday life. Her photographs encapsulate the memories that tell a glimpse of our stories. The moments we hope to hold onto to forever... the laughter of friends around a dinner table, the euphoria of a music festival with 50,000 of your closest friends, the anticipation on the face of a bride, and the sweet innocence of baby feet. Her work is a reminder to us all to find joy in the simple things and live life as though each day is a new adventure. 

Photograph by Sherman McCain Photography

Photograph by Sherman McCain Photography


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