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TSP Prints

TSP Prints

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Finally! I can finally say that I am offering prints of some photographs I have taken while traveling and adventuring in the past couple of years. I have been testing out printing labs and my favorite frame shops. I have been attempting different ways of making this happen because it has been a dream of mine for the past two years. 

Over the next 30 days or so I will still be ironing out the wrinkles in order to make sure I deliver the best possible products. Therefore, this is sort of a test run for pricing and products. This also means that prices for print prices will only increase from here, so if you have been looking for something to hang on your walls, if you have been eyeing the instagram posts I always share of the ocean (because, let's be real, this winter feels longer than usual), or if you just feel like you want to be super kind (and helping a woman out) by ordering some work that means a lot to me... now is your chance to order. Right now, these prices and prints will be available for 30 days only, so jump on it!


These photographs are just a couple of the options that are up for print. If you have not noticed from following me on instagram (or just knowing me in general), I have a thing for blue and it can be seen in a majority of photographs I take for fun. There are also a few photographs available that have figures in them, I wanted to offer something a little funkier than just nature images. There will be more to come of both in the future, but I hope to expand on the funky photos even more. 


One last thing! 

In order to celebrate my print sale going live, I want to offer a discount for all of my other galleries too! So if you have hired me in the past two years to photograph your family, your wedding, or your beautiful recipes, there will be a discount code coming your way. Please share with friends and family. Feel absolutely free to share about my print gallery on social media, in fact if you do there just may be some added bonuses once everything goes live! I will be launching everything so very very soon!

Keep a look out! 


Update! Prints are now live! Head on over to the home page and click on prints! 

Julia + David

Julia + David