Camp is not just for kids.

I never really expected to be so inspired by a group of strangers who are all pursuing the same (or similar) career paths as me. The standard idea of a workshop or convention is something I tend to avoid. Little did I know that there are a bunch of people who feel the same way as me. We gathered on the West Coast from all over the world. I met people whose work I have idolized for years and had conversations with them over (delicious) camp food or amongst the dust bowl which was our dance floor.  

One of the amazing people I met is Sonja Rasula. I was lucky enough to be able to photograph her (all thanks to Daniel Cohen whose photo shoot we interrupted and who so kindly allowed us to take our own photographs of the lovely model) during the most perfect golden hour that ever occurred. 

Sonja Rasula is an entrepreneur and the mastermind behind the ideas like Unique USA , CAMPThe Unique Space in LA and so many more.  She is involved in so many exciting and inspiring things that it is hard to believe that we just ran into her and Daniel Cohen shooting on the beach and then were able to take some photos for ourselves.  

Field Trip is about connecting. It is about being on the same level and eating at the same tables as your teachers (also known to me as modern day photography celebrities), not to mention have real conversations and dance with them on the same dust bowl dance floor.

So here are couple photographs of the ever so awesome Sonja Rasula (whose work and website you should most definitely check out). Soon I will add some other photographs from Field Trip, just because I cannot get over that whole event.  Nor do I plan on getting over it until I am reunited with my friends there next year.