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A farm + 100,000 of your closest friends

A farm + 100,000 of your closest friends

Bonnaroo.  How do I even begin to describe it?  First of all, it is dirty.  When you take a 700 acre farm then add camping, porta-lets, food trucks, chaco sandals, makeshift showers, one-hundred thousand people, and rock-legends ... you end up with a pretty fabulous result.  Now there are a lot of modern day music festivals and they all have their loyal devotees.  But from my experience, I would have to say that Bonnaroo seems to have a different atmosphere, or "bonnaroovian code" if you will.  You can even read the specifics, which are quite precise and enjoyable, if you would like: http://www.bonnaroo.com/festival-info/. The people at Bonnaroo are genuinely friendly and look out for one another on the farm.  In my opinion, it has to do with camping out on a giant dusty tent-car packed lawn and roughing it all together for those four days.  Lollapalooza, for example, in downtown Chicago tends to have equally spectacular music as Bonnaroo.  But few of the attendees have quite the camaraderie as Bonnaroovians due to the fact that the festival is in an urban area where hotels are present and modern day conveniences such as showers and flushing toilets.  Trust me, it makes a difference when you are some how connected to these other festival goers.  Maybe it is just the magic of Bonnaroo.  Who is to say?  Either way, this year was my third year at Roo and it was just as spectacular, if not more, than expected.    



JD McPherson 


Sometimes the crowd at Bonnaroo is so large that you cannot see where the people end and the land begins.  It becomes more like a giant unit than individual people.  Sometimes it is hard to distinguish.  

Father John Misty 

Our favorite security guard.  The security of those under his watch... well that was debatable. But he was entertaining to say the least. 

If you have never been to Bonnaroo before, it is easy to lose your friends.  Luckily... we know the drill. 

Paul McCartney  

Seeing Paul McCartney live was like a dream.  It was so surreal and nearly seemed as though it was not actually happening.  Just like singing "Blackbird" with hundreds of thousands of other fans with no other sounds around... it was magical to say the least.  

Sometimes, crazy things happen at Bonnaroo.  Such as people pulling light from the ground.  

Once the sun sets, the glowing hula hoops, outfits, glow-sticks, giant glowing jellyfish costumes, and anything else that lights up comes out for the techno/dance music.  It is pretty incredible.  

There are swarms of people every where you go. 

Some people wait in line to use the porta-lets... other people don't like to wait. 

You never know what you will find at a concert. 

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros (Surprise Set)

Garrett and Ashley - 10 August 2013

Garrett and Ashley - 10 August 2013

Let's do this in order...

Let's do this in order...