Ask questions that have no answers...

It is difficult to even begin to describe how specific people have impacted our lives.  There are many that play small roles in different areas but there is generally a small handful of people whose impact is one that changes your way of life and even your way of thinking.   

For me, some of those people who changed everything were my art professors at Anderson University.  Not only are these people incredible teachers, but they are fabulous friends and some of the most talented artists I have met to this day.  I learned immeasurable amounts from these mentors/friends over my four years in school with them.  During that time, the art department at AU became like a home and my colleagues and professors became like family. 

I was honored when they asked me back after graduation to photograph our professors  and some of their own recent artwork.  

For the rest of my life I will thank the AU art department professors (and mama Robyn) for teaching me how to be a creative and how to make the best work of which I am capable.  But one thing that resonated from each professor was to not be afraid of failure.  It is bound to happen, especially within the creative process.  But when it happens embrace it, learn from it and become better because of it.  

So, thank you: Anya Aslanova, Arlon Bayliss, Kathleen Dugan, M.J. Knapp, Tai Lipan, Brad McKinney, Kevin Rudynski, Stephen Schaf and (I most definitely cannot forget) Mama Robyn Davis.  

(Mama Robyn is truly the mom of the art department.  She takes care of everyone and keeps us in line, yet she still welcomes us into her office and home to sit and chat long enough to nearly miss other classes.  I love you Mama Robyn.  You were my mom away from home and the art department would not even function without you.  I know you will deny it but literally everyone would agree with me.)  


Arlon Bayliss - Glass, Ceramics and Three-dimensional objects artist  -

Kathleen Dugan - Painter and Foundations Professor

Tai Lipan - Painter and Foundations Professor -

Brad Mckinney - Designer, Visual Communication Design Professor and Three-Dimensional Object Artist -

Kevin Rudynski - Printmaking and Visual Communication Design Professor -