The Kershaws - July 2016

I have a lot of fond things to say about these two humans. They are very precious souls to me.  But I would actually like to write about how important I think it is to have photographs taken at any and every stage in life, not just the significant moments. Yes, I do LOVE photographing wedding celebrations and brand new babies. Those moments are beautiful and giant in the lives of humans. But being able to document simple evenings of you and your family (however big or small) at home, around your favorite places, and doing things that you love together... I think that those are the moments we will really need help remembering.  Photography means so many things to me, but one of the biggest is simply helping capturing a snapshot of your lives so that years and years in the future you can look at these photographs and remember how special life is, no matter what else is going on in the world. The world may be full of madness, but we need to hold onto the good and spread love wherever we are able to do so. 

     If you know her at all, I hope that you can absolutely hear her laugh from this photograph. 

One last note, in honor of the eighth Harry Potter book arriving at my doorstep today, never forget that: 

"Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light."

     - Albus Dumbledore 

Sutton Family

I found this quote I adore from Bethany Douglass on Life Captured INC(a photographer and mama living in Texas), " When I look back at my own childhood photos, the ones I love the most are the ones that capture the ordinary moments: photos of us at the breakfast table, with bed-head and covered in morning light; photos of us swinging on a swing set; and photos of our family around the campfire. We rarely look polished or poster-child worthy, but I treasure them anyway. I think when my children grow older and move away, I'll miss the ordinary. The messy breakfast table. The bed-jumping. The family adventures. The simple routines."

So when I arrived at the Sutton's home I wanted to capture just a slice of who they are right now, at this moment of time. That is why I think at home portrait sessions are so lovely and important.  Yes, the posed photographs can be precious and look nice in frames. But let's document these memories of who they really are at these stages in life and I mean... how could anyone resist these cuties? Especially since I was greeted by the little ones with "This way my lady" and "You are the best picture lady I have ever known".  I am pretty positive the last statement was because I also offered Sweet Tarts as delicious mid-photo session treats, but also we had a really delightful time together. 

Alex and Michelle... I just cannot wait any longer

It has been such a challenge to keep these photographs to myself.  I have actually said multiple times that I do not want the editing to end because of this perfect day.  So, here are a couple images from the best ending to my wedding seasons thus far.  

Congratulations, Alex and Michelle! I cannot wait to share the rest of these with you two.