Occasionally when visiting relatives or when my sisters and I are home, we will pull out huge tupperware or shoeboxes filled to the brim with old photographs.  We spend our time reminiscing about being kids, asking each other who remembers the specifics of when we found all the sparklers, or the time we spontaneously drove to Chicago after Christmas. 

We discover photographs we have never seen, taken by our grandfather when he was in the war. We find images from birthday pool parties, christmas mornings in pajamas, and from our parent's wedding filled with tons of love and giant rimmed glasses. These are the main reasons why I love photography. When we have documentation of our memories, it gives us opportunities to remember and tell our stories for years and years down the road. 

Documenting these memories will help us to save them and keep them for generations later. Whether it is your wedding day, the birth of your first born, or a warm spring day at home together; All of these moments are important and worth being documented and this is why I really love being a photographer.  

Let me help you document these memories and keep them, so that your stories can be told months, years, and decades later. 

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A little bit about myself, my name is Tiernae Salley. I got my first camera when I was five years old and the only thing I photographed with it were water fountains in Texas. One of my most favorite things in the world is to travel and explore new places, whether it be a couple miles away from home or a few hundred. While traveling, instead of buying souvenirs I like to find awesome local restaurants and keep those memories (and recipes!) as my souvenirs from a trip. I generally have at least one book with me at all times in case there is an extra moment for reading. I love to hear who people's favorite musicians are because I believe that the music you listen to says a lot about your personality.  With that being said, my top three favorite musicians are (in order of importance): Sufjan Stevens, Sigur Ros, and Brandi Carlile. When I photograph people, I like to document them just as they are in that moment. 

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